About Us

Through more than 30 years of service to our clients, Absolute Accounting (and related Northshore Accounting) has an excellent reputation for quality, professionalism and client service. Business savvy, technical competency, specialized disciplines and the ability to get the job done right are our trademarks.

Our knowledge and understanding of business from management’s perspective sets us apart as problem solvers in this complex global environment.

Absolute Accounting ensures you will receive the finest in professional services when and where you need it.

We are a part of our client’s business and financial service support team understanding what it takes to run a business. We are driven by the entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for helping our clients make the most of their enterprising talents.

We provide objective, independent professional advice as a critical sounding board for operational and financial decision making. As a professional service provider, we stay in touch with you and your business from financial performance to the nuts and bolts of your organization.

We help you manage your resources, understand your finances, address governance essential to running the business and we go beyond to assist our clients and their key people with the dynamics of families, shareholders, life/work balance, trends and indicators and how to navigate in complex financial reporting environments. We provide our depth of experience, training, resources and skills and tailor them to your needs.

We have the knowledge and resources to provide a wide range of quality assured services for a broad spectrum of business and financial needs and we do it with integrity and a commitment to excellence at a fair price.